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Adult all inclusive Caribbean vacation

There are a few locations in Punta Cana where you can enjoy an adult all inclusive Caribbean vacation. While most of the hotels are marketed to a mixed bag of families and couples, some hotel chains are now recognizing the market looking for adult only resorts. Secrets Excellence was the first Punta Cana resort to market the “adult all inclusive Caribbean vacation”. They deliver an upscale resort with great food and facilities and no kids running around. We’ve been there a couple times and were very impressed with their product. We haven’t been there in a few years – we have kids now, which means no more adult all inclusive Caribbean vacation. Instead, we travel to family oriented resorts that focus on kids’ activities.

The Punta Cana Princess hotel is another hotel offering the adult all inclusive Caribbean vacation. The hotel is beautiful and is adults-only (over 18). However, you should keep in mind that the Punta Cana Princess is sistered with two other resorts on Bavaro Beach, the Tropical Princess Punta Cana and the Club Caribe Punta Cana. While there will be more facilities for you to use – remember that these other resorts are marketed to families. All three share the same stretch of beach, so there will be kids on the beach.

The main thing we’ve noticed about the adults only resorts (aside from the peace and quiet) is that the food does tend to be much better. If a hotel chain is marketing an adult all inclusive Caribbean vacation, they seem to realize that their customers are going there to eat, drink, tan and snuggle (). To make the last two successful, the food and drink have to be spectacular.

Be careful when you’re booking an adults only vacation as some resort chains have looser definitions of what constitutes “adults-only” in Punta Cana. Some hotels define adults as being 16 and some are over 18. Secrets Excellence and the Punta Cana Princess have both made their cutoff at 18 and over. Looking for answers about the beaches on your adult all inclusive Caribbean vacation?