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Au natural beaches in Punta Cana


Are there au natural beaches in Punta Cana? Well it depends what you mean by au natural: if you mean unending strips of untouched white sand beaches and palm trees then yes there are. If you’re talking about there being no part of the body where the sun don’t shine then no, there are not! However, there are a lot of Europeans at Punta Cana resorts and where there are Europeans there is topless sun-tanning. Having people topless on the beach never seems to be a problem for most people. Within a few minutes, the shock tends to go away and it just seems normal.

The reaction most people have when I answer this question for them is “thank God”. I don’t really know whether that’s because they are fundamentally opposed to having au natural beaches in Punta Cana or that the people who take advantage of au natural beaches never seem to be the people who anyone would want to see naked. I’ll never forget the first time I accidentally walked onto an au natural beach. The first two thoughts that popped into my head were: “oh my God, everyone’s naked” quickly followed by “why on earth would THESE people ever want to be naked?” I guess, that’s the point if you’re a nudist (or naturalist), but I didn’t seem to get it.

Anyways, the closest you’ll get to an au natural beach in Punta Cana is the huge expanses of beaches on as of yet undeveloped land where the landscaping still remains – just beautiful white sand and palms trees for as far as the eye can see.

So, if you were looking to find an au natural beach in Punta Cana, sorry you’re going to have to go somewhere else to let it all hang out. If you were looking to make sure to avoid one on your family’s next trip to the beach, rest assured that there are none in Punta Cana – the most beautiful beach in the world. Return from Au Natural beaches in Punta Cana