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Hurricanes in Punta Cana

FAQ about hurricanes in Punta Cana

What do I do if I get caught in a hurricane?

You should not change your travel plans because the media is reporting a tropical depression or storm in the area. Most of them fizzle out and change directions numerous times. However, if you do get stuck in one don’t worry – Punta Cana is probably the safest place to be in a hurricane. Besides, it will be the story of a lifetime.

The Dominican Republic has gotten very serious about hurricane preparedness after the damage suffered by Georges in 1998. Most of the resorts, many businesses and residences, are hooked up to alternate sources of power; so power outages are not as severe as they are elsewhere during emergencies. Almost all of the hotels have withstood a hurricane already and the resorts tend to have excellent contingency plans.

Rule number one: do what the management at the resort tells you to do. Your safety is their livelihood, they have thought this out! You know the stereotypical jerk in the movies that panics, won’t listen to anyone and you’re actually happy when he gets wiped out. Don’t be that guy!

Here’s a list of things you should do:

1. Take out a supply of cash, if the power is out ATMs might be out as well.

2. Get a few bottles of water and a supply of snacks from the buffet (you might be stuck in your room for awhile.

3. If the storm gets really bad, move into the bathroom. Do NOT stand in front of the patio door watching the ocean.

4. Keep your TV tuned to the hotel info channel and don’t go outside until you get the “all clear”.

5. Once emergency issues are taken care of, call home because someone will be worrying.

6. Be careful walking around outside, landscaping might be upside down and power lines downed. Don’t touch anything!

7. Take tons of pictures, you’ll be talking about this experience forever.

If your hotel has been damaged, they will transfer you to another hotel and they will pay for this inconvenience. Flights may be delayed, don’t worry they’ll get you home. There’s nothing you can do about it so just go with the flow. Remember, you’re on vacation!

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