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Punta Cana Wedding Requirements

There are not a lot of Punta Cana wedding requirements, but make sure you get them all taken care of before your trip. Here’s a list of all the documentation that is necessary before getting married in Punta Cana. For further information, tips and advice about planning a wedding in Punta Cana, please visit our Weddings in Punta Cana page.

  1. * You both must have a valid passport and Birth Certificate (translated to Spanish).
  2. * You need to present a declaration of your marital status. The best place to get this is at a Dominican Consulate at home. The Dominican Consulate will also translate the document into Spanish and notarize it for you (usually around $300). Check with your hotel as most of them want legal documents, which have been translated into Spanish, faxed to them at least one month ahead of time.
  3. * (CHANGED FOR 2007, NO LONGER NECESSARY)By Dominican law, the bride and groom must be in the Dominican Republic for a minimum of three days before the ceremony.
  4. * Two witnesses are needed as well, but don’t worry – these will be provided by the hotel if need be.
  5. * You do not need to take a blood test before getting married in Punta Cana
  6. Don't be fooled, there are no Punta Cana free weddings, no matter what people advertise on their websites.

Spur of the moment wedding in Punta Cana

If you decide to get married once you’re already there – throw this advice out the window, these Punta Cana wedding requirements no longer apply. You can still get it done, but you might need some help from home to get documentation faxed to the resort. Since you are already there on vacation, I’m assuming that you’ll have passports – you can usually get away without the Birth Certificates (you might have to grease somebody’s palm). That leaves the issue of the declarartion of marital status. The wedding planner at the resort can usually arrange to get this done for you – at a price! There’s a lot of paper work to be shuffled, but I’ve seen people get it done, so good luck!

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