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Topless beaches in Punta Cana

topless beach picture Are there topless beaches in Punta Cana? Well, I guess all the beaches in Punta Cana can be considered topless. While none of them are au natural beaches or 100 percent topless, you will definitely see topless sunbathers on all of them.

The all-inclusive resorts in Punta Cana are marketed predominantly to North Americans, but they are all marketed to a European clientele as well. Where you find European vacationers, you’ll find topless beaches – it’s just part of the culture.

North Americans tend to find it a little odd before they get there and there may be an initial shock, but I’ve never met anyone who was bothered by it. After a couple days it will seem like situation normal, you won’t even see it anymore. Even teenage boys seem to get used to it

When we go on vacation to a foreign country we need to expand our horizons a little. So eat different things, pick up a new language and accept the tenets of another culture – it’s part of the holiday experience. Besides, Caribbean hamburgers suck, so you’re going to have to venture out of your comfort zone a bit and you’ll be happy that you did.

There’s nothing we can do to convince you of this if you are worried about it. Showing pictures of topless beaches in Punta Cana would just further your hesitation. If you feel strongly about it and want to avoid hotels where there are predominantly topless beaches in Punta Cana I suggest that you check out our resorts page before booking your vacation. We’ve made mention of it in most of the hotel reviews that we’ve done.