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Weddings in Punta Cana

Weddings in Punta Cana or simply planning your honeymoon, you've got the right place.

Why do people plan weddings in Punta Cana? This is a laid-back exciting way to start off the new chapter of your lives as a couple.weddings-in-Punta-Cana Hey, it also creates a little mini-vacation for you and all of your guests as well.

Most conventional weddings are set up so that you don’t really get to spend any time with your guests at all. You spend an incredible amount of money and a year planning the event and it’s over in an instant. Your wedding will be memorable no matter how you do it. But imagine a Punta Cana wedding, spending a few days in paradise with your closest group of friends and saying “I do” with the Caribbean as your backdrop. Weddings in Punta Cana,the memories of a lifetime!

With the world the way it is today, chances are that many of the “must invite’ guests that you really want to see and share the experience with are coming from out of town. They are going to spend a significant amount of money to attend no matter where it’s held, attending weddings in Punta Cana make them feel like they got something out of it.

A conventional wedding costs a fortune. By the time you invite the hundreds of guests, pay for the church, dinner, entertainment and whatever else, you’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars. Weddings in Punta Cana have the potential to create a much more memorable experience and possibly save you 20 to 30 thousand dollars.

Weddings in Punta Cana are not for everyone, it is a little more of a relaxed setting; everything runs on “island time”. The day will not be planned out to the last millisecond, you’ll need to roll with the punches a little bit. If you are a type A personality and can’t handle that, don’t plan your wedding in Punta Cana. If you can imagine yourself letting go of the reigns a little bit, imagine the time you’ll have, imagine the pictures!

Destination Caribbean Wedding Planning

Victoria K has been the lead wedding planner for All Inclusive Resorts for years. She's become so popular that she's leading a new division of All Inclusive Resorts Inc specializing in Caribbean Destination Weddings. The best part about Victoria K and All-Inclusive-Weddings.com is that if you book your rooms with them they take care of your destination Caribbean wedding planning at NO additional charge. Their group rates are also better than anything you'll find elsewhere and if something goes wrong at the hotel it's nice to know you'll have a team of people working to straighten it out for you.


Victoria K's new All-Inclusive-Weddings.com website isn't finished yet, but her business is definitely off to the races. It's very nice to know that if something goes wrong with your arrangements at the hotel that you'll have a team of planners and all the resources of All-Inclusive-Resorts.com in your corner. Ask her to quote your wedding, you won't be disappointed.

Suggested Punta Cana Wedding Resorts

Bahia Principe Bavaro Weddings (Diamond Wedding Resort)

Victoria K's Diamond wedding resort in Punta Cana is the Gran Bahia Principe Bavaro. This resort is absolutely beautiful and has the best mix of luxury, service, food and activities. The resort offers everything you'd expect from a luxury resort at a very reasonable price. Brides never come back from Bahia Principe weddings disappointed.

Dreams Punta Cana Weddings

Dreams Punta Cana took over Sunscape the Beach Punta Cana in February 2008 and has been doing a great job on weddings. They provide pretty much the same level of service as Bahia Principe with a little different twist. This is a beautiful resort, but keep in mind that it runs almost 80% more expensive than Bahia Principe.

4 Star Punta Cana Wedding Resorts

The 4 star Punta Cana wedding resorts that do the best job of destination weddings are

  1. Grand Paradise Bavaro Weddings
  2. Tropical Princess Weddings
  3. Caribe Club Princess Weddings.

These 3 resorts are really the only 4 star resorts that we'd recommend for your big day. We've seen weddings at all 3 of them and they really do an excellent job for a four star resort. Remember to be very careful when selecting Punta Cana wedding resorts. You definitely don't want to find out once it's too late that a resort is really not set up to create your perfect Caribbean beach wedding

Planning your own Caribbean Wedding

Planning the wedding: most people plan their own conventional weddings which are a thousand times more work; you can plan a wedding in Punta Cana yourself. There really isn’t that much to be done. However, people do tend to overlook some of the details and dealing with the weddings coordinators at the hotels can sometimes be a little overwhelming. What to look for in a Caribbean Wedding planner. Again, I strongly suggest that you give Victoria K a try: she'll get it right and she offers free destination wedding planning!

Here is a list of things you should know and think about when planning weddings in Punta Cana.

  • Yes, weddings in Punta Cana are legal everywhere in the world.
  • Create a list of “must invite” guests that you wouldn’t get married without and check that they’d be able to make it. You might have to be a little forceful with direct family, they’re always more opinionated than the rest of the guests. You do not need to invite Aunt Ethel who you haven’t seen in fifteen years! Weddings on the beach are for direct family and close-knit friends only.
  • Planning a year in advance for weddings in Punta Cana will insure higher attendance (and get you better deals).
  • Guests usually pay their own way to weddings in Punta Cana. However, you are saving a lot of money by having your wedding in paradise. If there are a couple “must be there” people who can’t afford it, contributing to their travel costs is a good idea (just don’t publicize it).
  • Many of the resorts claim to offer free weddings in Punta Cana, but you usually have to pay notary and licensing fees. Most of these "free Punta Cana weddings" also force you into expensive upgrades. Look for the asterisk beside the offers on their websites. Check out this page to see why there really is no such thing as Punta Cana free weddings.
  • The reason they offer free weddings is because they know they will make the money back from your guests booking with them and forcing the wedding couple to book a more expensive suite. Hey, that’s just smart business! But if they’re trying to charge you extra and aren’t offering your guests any kind of rebate, look elsewhere.
  • Many resorts now offer a deal for groups instead, such as the 21st client in your group is free. This works out to basically the same thing.
  • Usually, the basic wedding package is very “low frills”, you are probably going to want to make some upgrades, but choose them carefully. You can very quickly add thousands of dollars in costs.
  • Most wedding packages are based on ten guests, with additional costs for every subsequent guest.
  • The upgrades that I suggest are paying a little extra for a private reception (yes they will put you in a shared area if you don’t ask) and a photographer’s services. You want to have great pictures of the event.
  • Most resorts have a wedding event planner who will send you all the information you need. Ask them to e-mail you pictures of other weddings so you can see how beautiful the backdrops are.
  • Do not expect this person to spend a week straight with you when you get there, they’re busy planning the next day’s events. Usually, they wait ‘til the day before to walk you through the sequence of events so don’t get uptight (relax, you’re on vacation). However, do try to book a little time with this person on the day you get there just so you know where things will take place.
  • Check out what the requirements to get married in Punta Cana are.
  • Booking online is (almost) always cheaper, but some people like to have a travel agent that all of their guests can speak to. The further you plan in advance, the easier it is for everyone to book online, just forward all of the info to your guests. All Inclusive Resorts offers the best of both worlds. Unbeatable wholesale prices and you'll have your own wedding rep that will be available to you and your guests until you get home.
  • Booking a package, air and hotel together is easy and a must for Canadian couples (where Charter flights rule). However, buying land and air separately is often cheaper for US travelers. Many of your guests will be flying in from different cities. Ask your travel agent to find you prices on land-only and a package, it will give your guests options. Besides, if you plan your wedding well in advance, you'll be amazed at how many of your guests will want to fly on points.
  • Most of the time, the bride and groom want to hang out with their guests for the whole wedding vacation. If you really want to have a private honeymoon, arrange a transfer to another hotel for a few days after the wedding.
  • Hold a party when you get back for all the people that couldn’t come to your wedding in Punta Cana. This way you don’t miss out on the best part of a conventional wedding, the presents!

We book everything we do with All Inclusive Resorts. They have the best prices and offer unbelievable service. If you're planning a Punta Cana wedding, they're your best bet.

All Inclusive Resorts will deliver great prices and they'll even build and host your own wedding website at no charge. They'll be with you every step of the way and put you at ease whenever the wedding jitters start to kick in.

Awesome wedding tip

  • Here’s a Punta Cana wedding tip that you won’t find anywhere else. Most resorts have a surcharge for a private dinner or reception after the ceremony, which most couples opt for (who wants to eat with the rest of the resort after your wedding). My suggestion is to go by water-taxi to the most romantic spot in Punta Cana – The Jellyfish Restaurant. It’s an awesome, romantic setting – right on the beach and the food is better than anything else around. Just give Gabriel & Wanda a call and ask them for advice

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